Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writing on the Wall - Part II

We also found another way to write on the walls, by writing directly on the cabinets.  We did not have a lot of wall space for art due to the cabinets, etc., and I wanted to have something fun to look at while doing the dishes.  The old cabinets here are made of tin, or some kind of metal!  Although some of the doors were refaced, they are not the kind of doors you'd be afraid to play with, so I gave it a shot.   What to draw?  Back to my favorites.  I don't know if I could actually paint a lemon freehand and have it look half-decent, but I do love to write.  One of my favorite poems is "This is just to say," by William Carlos Williams.  I drew with pencil first and planned to make it look just perfect, but I just grabbed a Sharpie and it took on a life of its own!  Here is the result:

I wish I could start everyday with forgiveness in this way, 'cause by the end of the day, I'm sure I'll need it. 
Annie is the "permanent" kitchen helper and she wants to letter on the sink front, D.Y.O.D., or do your own dishes.  So cool, right?  We just haven't gotten to it yet.
Another fun thing to do in the kitchen is write on the table.  A friend of mine told a story of two professors who put white board on the entire surface of their dining room table so they could work and make notes on it while the kids drew pictures.  Great idea - and our tabletop was already spray coated in white and makes a perfect wipe-off surface.  Who'd a thunk it?

And windows!  Although we used a window paint pen, they are a great wipe-off surface.

Just purchase some dry erase markers and voila, instant write on surface!  Picture frames and glass jugs too!  Think of the fun you could have.  On the milk jug ..."DRINK ME!"  On the water pitcher... "5 GLASSES A DAY!"  "ANYONE THIRSTY?"  "GOT WATER?"  "FEELING DRY?"
And last but not least, who can resist magnet words. 

After your kids have grown out of magnet letters on your refrigerator, get them a bunch of these magnet words.  Quite honestly my kids spent a total of two hours playing on the refrigerator yesterday, sending messages and making up funky, silly sentences!  And believe me when I say, I'm not the one who spent about twenty minutes arranging them in order by number of letters, then live or dead, then alphabetical...
Okay that wasn't the last thing...  I am the one who spent days deliberating over what to put in the void left by the jumbo-size (eye candy) calendar which I did not want to purchase again.  I had two old pictures that I decided to paint...
and stencil...  (these are the same stencils I used for the pocket organizer)  We thought about prayers and sayings and funny quotes, but ended up with simple lists:

I should redo the a's on the first one... but it doesn't have to be perfect, right?  I also thought about replacing the switch plate, but I like the patina that the copper (?) has gotten over the last 50? years...so it's staying.  Maybe we'll find a way to write on that surface too!  Write on!

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