Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run, Mommy, Run

One of my new year's resolutions was to get back into my running routine which had quickly gone by the wayside during the holidays.   Not that I had much of a routine to begin with.  At my peak I was running about 18 miles a week, but let's just say that ain't happening.  So last night I was committed to going to bed early and getting a big start to my day, about 6:30 - run a few miles and then head out grocery shopping. 
Not so fast... I didn't actually get out of bed until 7:15 (because I waited up for my husband and son to get home from the Winter Classic game last night.)  Then once I did arise I realized that, along with everyone else in the house, I didn't have any socks that matched.  So I sat in my son's room sorting socks and talking.  I thought I was ready to go. 
But I came downstairs and my youngest didn't want to go to basketball.  That took a few words of encouragement.  Ready to go? 
I checked my iPod - low battery  and plugged in because I cannot run without my music.   So I grabbed a quick snack.  Ready to go? 
Annie is sick and coughing and needs medicine.  Ready to go?
Matt is coughing too.  Charlie is coughing too.  Do he have to go to basketball?  Yes.  Ready to go?
Charlie didn't have his basketball t-shirt, which of course was closeted with the rest of the summer gear.  Back upstairs.  Found it.  Ready to go?  Charlie was ready to go, mommy wasn't. 
One more trip to the bathroom.  Ready to go?
Colder than it looks outside - grab the mittens.  Ready to go!  So finally about 8:45 I headed out the door.  There is a chill in the air today, about 38*, but it's nice and sunny.   As I started to warm up I felt I had already done my run for the day.  It just didn't involve much heavy breathing.  But it sure felt good to finally get out there, run, and be energized, ready to go the rest of the day. 

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