Thursday, March 5, 2015

J's Favorite Things

So it's the middle of a long, long, long, long winter.  Well it's almost the end.  Just for fun, on these last days of our winter retreat, when we snuggle down with books and laptops and are all caught up on paper work and reading and SCANDAL, and are looking forward to spring and summer, let's prepare with a little light shopping.  Just for fun.  Just for us.  Just for shopping.  There is something in the brain that gets a little excited by shopping and all that eye candy out there.  I have written in the past about my grandmothers and how they taught me to shop.  (There was always lunch involved!) It's primal for women.  It's good for us.  It's therapy without price or tears.   

From Ballard Designs...  $33 with free monogramming!

From Kate Spade... sale price $106.  The image on the link is really cute.

From Mecha Chocolate ... $10 a hidden gem right here in Haddon Township.  (I Really Like South Jersey!)  I haven't been there yet, but they have baking nights where I think they teach you how to make chocolates!

Or at the grocer's... a colleague brought this to our Friday breakfast and it was the nectar of the gods! 

From paperstyle...  $60  and it's 15% off until March 9..  I love pink!

I just want this picture by my desk to remind of the sun light.
From Ballard... again.  I have too many bags!

From Tiffany's... $300 just because I can shop there virtually online, if not in reality.

And from Ballard again-this is my new home inspiration... $35/yard but discounted through March 9.

From okaB... $38... with white jeans and navy tshirt...

And lastly... Ballard again...  $49 but there is that %15 discount... two of these on either side of the black front door.  

And just because it's still cold outside, let's wrap up with this, from Pine Cone Hill...

Wasn't that fun?  Love to shop.  Love to do it with my coffee under a blanket with the snow falling outside.   Now it's time for that lunch.