Monday, January 23, 2012

Boys Room - Part II of ?

I can see how I might just get stuck in this project forever.  The boys are starting think that anything is possible, like a drop down hockey rink?!  I don't think so!  I don't care if they did do it on Trading Spaces Kids, they had about 10 full-time construction workers who were paid to do that stuff!  However, I was finally able to get into the boys room and finish two more little projects.   Here's what worked:  The Hanging Chair!

This is from IKEA, and it's called EKORRE.  It was a real struggle to find, which began about 3 years ago (seriously)!  It is available at amazon, but just make sure you have the good hooks, which they do have at IKEA.  You might be able to wait until later in the spring and it may come out again.  It was much cheaper at IKEA than amazon. 
It's such a cool spot, but we I mean, ny husband, had to go into the attic to find the stud because the stud finder doesn't work through plaster. 

Instead of a table nearby we used an old window box for books. 

I love this because the books stand up and you can see all the titles.  These were a find last year at the end of the season for under $5 at Joann Fabric.  I painted Sports on the front just to be cute, not that the boys want any cute!  Really I couldn't see putting "books" on there and I thought about "Fact" and  "Fiction" but we just did sports and nature to mix it up a bit.
At the other end of the room we added a chair of sorts...

This was supposed to be a small beanbag cube, but I misjudged the size of it.  It turned out much larger than expected, which so happens to be the perfect size for an 8-year-old:

If you want to do the same, the pattern for this is fairly simple.  Cut two 6' by 2' sections of fabric and turn one piece so it fits the other like a "T".  Pin and stitch these together.  Then, simply follow the seam around until you have made a cube.  Don't stitch the last side until you have stuffed with fluff.  (Ours was leftovers from another project.)  Of course you might end up with something a bit more like a chair if you make it 3' by 1'.
The boys picked out this "Realtree" fabric at Joann, where I had a 50% off coupon.  Since I thought I would be making two of these, I have lots of leftover fabric which we will try to use somewhere else in the room.   It is a cool fabric and it pulls together all the browns and greens in the room.
Here are two more pics, the before and the before-before of the closet:

I think we need a gun rack for all those Nerf guns.  Or maybe a YARD SALE is a better idea!  :)

I've got big plans for this though.  I just have to get to Home Depot and have some shelves made... I'll keep you posted!
Pre-Planning Phase!  Not so very Candice Olsen, is it?

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