Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Writing on the Wall - Part I

In our classrooms we tell teachers to surround kids with print.  Growing up in a print environment helps children develop early reading skills.  So I am loving all the decorating that revolves around the written word.  From antique printers' blocks to French script on fabric, it is really endless.  I am trying it out here at home too.  One of the fun ways is by writing on the walls.  We had a chalkboard on the kitchen wall in our old house and we had to do it here too. 

I painted right over the outlet cover so it all blends together.  I'm not sure if we'll replace that old light fixture.  Maybe it looks cool and vintage?
It's a great reminder of holidays, countdowns for birthdays, and even whose gym day it is.  I hung the chalk bucket in the exact spot where the wallpaper (yes, more wallpaper!) ripped when I tore off the tape.  I has great function though.  I wonder though, if I should have painted the whole wall chalkboard, which would be really cool too, but it might have made it too dark.  More writing on the walls tomorrow...

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