Friday, January 6, 2012


We teach kids in school about the value of repetition in every subject from math to science to writing.  Well let me tell you that what you learned in kindergarten is everything you need to know about DESIGN too.  Really.  As I was clearing out designing my pantry tonight I realized that is the secret. Just take a look at these pictures:

Sorry, I just don't see myself decanting my soda, oils, vinegars, and what not into fancy (i.e. expensive) vintage bottles.

Do you only buy food that comes in green packages?  I don't.  (See below.)
We have more of a red-yellow-blue-brown-white-whateversonsale theme.  But if I had twelve boxes of Quaker oats and eight boxes of ricekrispies you would might be just as impressed with my closet.
So I went around the house, like a kindergartner, finding things that are ALIKE.  They all had to be the same material and the one I found the most of was, stainless steel.  So that was the winner. 

These are some cool vintage flour,sugar,coffee,tea containers I picked up at a church Christmas bazaar about ten years ago.  (I scrubbed them so hard the black paint came off the handle..)

If I was to properly stage this for you, I would have chosen the most prominent color and only used those things, repetition.  And it's the same with all design. Forget elaborate fabrics(which I thought was the key) or fancy lighting (a close second), no, it's all about the patterns you learned about in kindergarten. Just decorate and repeat,whether it's a color, a box of rice, or a beautiful fabric  - that's all you need to know!  Now I can't compete with Country Living and Crate and Barrel, but this is my attempt at making do with my stainless steel... though I am tempted to paint the closet pale grey and buy all the green packages I can!

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