Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boys Room - Part III

The Closet.

It's like the Inferno, levels of hell depending on what kind of week we've had, determined by number of sports games, time spent outside, getting dirty, number of loads of laundry mommy's felt like doing, time spent in timeout in room, and amount of time it takes to get to bed.  Some days it's really bad!
So we're starting again.  We removed the doors, that were broken anyway, and started with a fresh coat of paint. 

Better already.  My heart palpatations are fading... breathing much easier now, right?  This is a color somewhere in between the hall stairway and the boys room color.  I mixed the hallway paint with grey.  I would have used what I had for the boys room, but we didn't have any left.  The room paint was called Sanderling by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home and it is a great shade of neutral light brown.  My mom even helped me paint it!  Thanks, Mom! What to do next?  It is so alluring to imagine all the possibilities.  A lovely reading nook?  a bunch of shelves for sweaters and sweatshirts and sneakers?  And what theme?  A pirate's nest?  Sunken Atlantis?  A Hockey net?  A crowd of fans painted on the wall?   But for now we stuck with what we had at hand:
Step 1:  Add a desk

Step 2:  Add a small light (even though there is a small light overhead with a cool pull string, well it's not cool yet, but we'll see about that...)

Step 3:  Add symmetrical storage and a chair

Step 4:  Accessorize

Now the closet/office or cloffice is not finished, no, not even close.  I didn't yet get to do the creative part that had me up at night thinking, what if?  So I'm busy getting out my wallpaper glue and drill and I'll show you more in Part IV.  Forever, it's taking, forever!

Joannie  ~~

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