Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Piles to go before I sleep

Well, this weekend was busy with taking down Christmas.  It is such a chore and each year I think I"m going to whittle things down and not put so much up.  If I only decorate with fresh greens, there's not so much to pack away, I tell myself.  But each year I still love the hanging lights, the Santa collection I started, really by accident when I received them for Christmas from students, and the trains under the tree.   Really you can only do that for so long while the kids are young, so may as well buck up!  And each room has it's own style now, so you decorate and then you un-decorate!
With all that stuff down, here are the piles I still have to put away today:

So I'm going to get busy... finding fun things to do to distract myself.  Maybe the piles will magically disappear!

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