Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tried It

In a new house you are constantly trying to create the stage set for your life.  It is a creative process.  In Philadelphia there is lots of talk about the fact that the Barnes Foundation Museum was relocated when Mr. Barnes specifically stated in his will that it not be moved.  I can empathize with Mr. Barnes.  The story goes that he was constantly moving the art in his home creating vignettes that best featured the art and the objects he had collected.   I do the same thing.
So the one vignette I created for Christmas was this:
I was really proud of this.  I thought it had a sleek look that worked with the blue.  I pulled out the kids silver baby cups and rattles and lay them on the mantle.  I spray painted an old boxwood wreath that had begun to yellow with pewter color metallic paint and did the same for some dried hydrangeas.  (I don't know who stuck that card up there between the hurricane candles....)  Cheap and easy, yes.  But beautiful?  Not quite.  I tried it, but I don't like it.  I didn't know what to do until I visited a friend last night and realized that she is the one the wreath is meant for.  I am delivering it today and I will start over with my living room mantle.  Part of the creative process is realizing the mistakes we make and starting over.  I let you know how it goes!

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