Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Calendar Time

The New Year always brings with it that wonderful project of finding the quintessential kitchen wall calendar, at least in my house.  I can remember most of my pre-teen/teen years were spent collecting the infamous Teddy Bear Calendars and I know it put an extra burden on my mother to find it before it went out of stock, which always happened long before Christmas.  In the past few years I have found wonderful wall calendars that promise to shower me with a bit of beauty in the hustle and bustle of planning the family agenda.  This year I found the new Vera Bradley calendar, which my daughter quickly confiscated for her bedroom (and really the colors are perfect! and it doesn't have room for writing anyway...)  Last year I hung the Stendig wall calendar in our kitchen and people always remarked on it.  The year before I had erincondren.com family planner which I loved and it was personalized with each of our names.  When the children were smaller we had the wooden perpetual calendar that you could change each month.  But this year I am at a loss.   There are so many wonderful calendars to choose from, yet I know there is a simpler way to manage everything, too.
My husband has taken to emailing me a family weekly calendar just to be sure we are on the same week, so to speak, if not the same page.  Now, though, we are endowed with these wonderful devices called iPhones and I'm sure if we played around a bit we could find out how to sync each other's schedules and never have to pick up a pencil or a neglected child again!  But what to do with that big kitchen wall space permanently reserved for the calendar?  I think I still need that eye candy in the morning, if not the evening when I'm off to pick up the last child of the day.   I have to research this and I'll get back to you...

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