Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Hall - Part I

My project began at 8,9, actually 10 o'clock.  But don't think I was laying in bed.  I got my husband off to work with packed breakfast and lunch, made breakfast, made kids brush teeth, which hasn't happened in about a week, and then got caught up in my new book.   I had a plan in mind to paint the hallway,  and this is what it looked like to start.
So, I took down Christmas (tear) and then began.  I thought I would just paint the wall over the stairs in one of the paints we already had in the basement. 
I took out my old paints left from other projects.  By the way, I always look for mismixed Mythic paints at the store.  They sell for about $10 a gallon (bargain!) and they are eco and family friendly.  I can usually find something to do with whatever color they have!  We didn't have a full gallon of anything, except the paint I had used in the closet and Annie's room were mostly full, so I got creative and started mixing.  It was fun playing mixologist, or so I thought, except that this is not like mixing colors in kindergarten.  Back on Labor Day weekend, when I spent the entire weekend in the paint store, the kind paint man told me how pigments are much different than just mixing paints.  I guess I only partly paid attention.  When you mix paints, it's not the ratio you have to worry about, it's the amount of pigment.  The color I ended up with today was much more of a purple brown than I had planned, but I love it!  It's dark enough to make a statement, it's definitely not beige, and it welcomes and warms what was a very cold space. 

Well, after I finished one wall, I got so excited I kept going.  The wall going up the stairs will still be a feature wall with all the pictures, but the whole space had to be painted.   
It does make the white wood work pop!  I just wish there was actually room to sit there and enjoy it!  Still, when we all came home after an evening out tonight, we really felt warm and welcome!

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