Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hall - Part III

I think my fascination with hallways started when I was in college.  I'll never forget the description of the entry way  in James Joyce's Dubliners as all the guests arrived for a party.  Growing up we didn't have a hall or entry way and our old house didn't either.  It's always been on my list for the perfect house.  Maybe that's why I am so excited. 
So now for the picture gallery!  I am almost done my one, two, three day project and haven't done anything else on the list!
Looking up the stair well I just knew it had to get done now and that it would put the finishing touches on our new space. 
So just to recap, here is the before:

This is how the picture layout began:  All the pictures laid out on the floor... a tape measure to try to measure...

Then I made templates of the frames with old newspaper and hung them approximately where I thought each picture should go.  The blue painter's tape helps with nailing into plaster walls, too!
One more before:

The first three pictures are hung!  (The mirror on top is another restore find - only $1!  which reminds me, I have got to get back there...)

The view from the living room...

The view up the stairs.  I feel like the house is much more homey and welcoming.  The kids are even stopping to look at the pictures on their way down the steps. 
My  other favorite thing in this hallway is the clock - which reminds me of a house we visited in Virginia.  The ticking is like a heartbeat of the house, and reminds me that the minutes are all too fleeting!  Goodbye 2011, hello 2012!
Happy New Year everyone!

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