Friday, December 30, 2011

The Hall - Part II

Lighting always plays a large role in the feel of a space.  Our old light fixture was pretty bad.
 But the one I found to replace it was worrying my husband. 

It hung much lower than the other one.  But since we weren't going to spend any money on this, it was our only option.  I had picked this one up at reStore over the summer for about $3 and it had sat in our basement too long. 

So I invited my father over to help me with the electricity. 

And I set to work in the basement with some paint projects.  I didn't really need to be careful of the floor, but using the cardboard box propped up like that allowed me to paint to edges of the frame easily.

Although I thought I would put the glass panels back in, the lightbulbs were fairly large and I thought I'd try it without.  Melissa at 320 Sycamore had tried something similar and I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.
Only I had inadvertently painted the white sleeves black.
So here is the hall with its new paint and new new light!

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