Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Organization 101

I love looking at all the January magazines featuring great new tips for getting organized in the New Year.  I think I've probably read all those articles before.  Of course we all go through cycles in life and mine usually revolve around purging, nesting, then creating.  I can feel the creative energy beginning to flow.  I am ready to take it all on, but the list grows higher each day.  I have 3 more days off this week and I am planning to climb Mt. Everest and tackle about 8,000 projects in this house.  So, first I'm going to make a list.  Then I'm going to prioritize.  Then I'm going to see what I can do with what I already have in the house at this moment.  Then I'm going to see what I can do if I use the coupons I have for Ace Hardware.  Then I'm going to see what kind of time I have because the kids have made plans to see friends, go ice skating, go to the movies, all those fun things I should probably be doing too! 

The List:
  • Paint hall stairwell
  • Frame family pictures
  • Hang chair in boys room
  • Move desk out of bedroom
  • Sew pillow shams
  • Put up chandelier in dining room
  • Fix bathroom ceiling
  • Put desk in J's room
  • Paint and cover 'coffee table'
  • Clean out pantry
  • Clean out 'desk closet'
The race begins tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp, after I have had my coffee and done a load of laundry, which is quickly backing up!  I'll keep you posted.  But that stairwell is getting painted!

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