Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nothing Like a Little Pressure

"It's that time of year,  when the world falls in love..."  EEEKKK.  Stop the song.  What happened?  What happened that we so easily forget the miraculous, good will toward all, merri-ness of Christmas?    It's okay.  Just resist.  Resist the urge to do everything.  Everything we do is a marathon these days.  We moved into a neighborhood where they ride around on a trolley seeing judging seeingjudging no, SEEING other people's Christmas decorations!  (Now, what-who Susie Santa thought this up, I don't know!)  But, it's not a contest, really.  Why do we make it out as such?  We scrambled around yesterday just to make sure all the bulbs on the lights work, the wreath is hung just so, the garland is fresh and the tree is placed just right in the window.  Are we crazy?  In short, yes.  As much as I complain though I love it!  We had a wonderful time rolling around in a little old trolley (complete with carved wooden seats) looking at the lights and singing Christmas carols.  Nothing like a little pressure to get you motivated!  Our lights did look good and we were happy to see everyone else's as well.  So here's a little glimpse of our house ready (on the outside) for Christmas!

Some of the candles in the windows worked!

This Funky Tree was inspired by a much better version done down the street (WAY down the street...) But it was also probably the most fun to do...Since we took out all the trees when we moved in, we didn't have one growing in the front, so we brought this potted one around from the backyard.   I just had visions of it catching on fire as the trolley drove by because of all the plugs jabbed into one another!   Now THAT would have been memorable.

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