Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday House

Our house is not done yet, but day by day I am finding new places for our old things.  After staring at a pile of greenery on the dining room table for about a week, you kind of get motivated!

 Here's the dining room window with wreaths.

 A snowman wreath, which I had planned on dismantling, on the back door in the kid's playroom.

In the kitchen I hung decorated balls from the chandelier.  I like the lights on the window sill and I like the wreath on the stand.  I've thought about spraying this wreath with the snow spray, but not yet...
Mini-wreaths decorate each door.  As I was going to ask one of the kids to put this out in the shed, I realized I kind of liked the look of it here, because why not?  It might just need a ribbon though.  As soon as they start sledding in the family room, out it goes!

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