Thursday, November 24, 2011


In the Kindergarten classrooms I visit, many teachers have lists of words that are "Juicy words" or "Words that Sparkle."  There are so many wonderful words we use this time of year.  Nourish, harvest, bounty, plenty, gratitude, thanksgiving, gathering, family, welcome, holiday, retreat, homecoming, tradition, heritage.  Just hearing the words reminds us of good things.  Nourish is one of my favorite words.  It has such a wonderful loaded meaning.  You can nourish yourself, your spirit, or those around you.   Nourishment has such significance as we shop and prepare menus and welcome friends and family from far away.  We need to nourish ourselves as we begin this festive season.   We are like the hibernating animals that need to load up before the long days of winter.
During the holidays we have the excuse to set aside time to play, relax, and eat.  We treasure special time sitting around the table or a fire with family, playing a game of touch football on the lawn, and savoring the harvest of good food that we prepare with love.  It's the simple things that draw us together and warm our spirits.  I wish you time to nourish!

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