Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My List

The other night, driving home from CCD, my son said, "I can't believe it's almost Advent.  That means I have to start my Christmas list."  I know there is some guilt looming here.  I am ashamed to say that one of the things I look forward to this time of year is the O List, the collection of Oprah Winfrey's best stuff that you would love to give or receive for Christmas.  So in lieu of the Oprah to-die-for favorite things, I'm creating my own list.  Trust me, they won't cost millions and you can find some as close as Sears. 
For instance this quilted pillow:
It's by Cannon, costs less than $15 and it's the best I've ever used!

After sleeping on this dreamy pillow, you'll need a great cup of coffee to wake you up.  Peet's coffee is the best:
Holiday Blend Gifts
Once you try it, you'll be hooked. 

To drink that coffee, you'll need a special mug from StoneSoldier Pottery in Vermont, and though these are a little costly, $23, it makes drinking a divine experience:
Midinite Blue Tankard(The picture doesn't do it justice! See if you can order the tea cup rounded mug, not pictured.)

I would love to give everyone the perfect book, but there are just too many to choose.  So instead I'm asking for a subscription to the New Yorker.

Best Run Guaranteed:  Lunarfly shoes by Nike
and they're only $60.

For my nieces and nephews, wooden sustainable toys, from Etsy
forest set wooden waldorf toy
Now, I found  potholder sets for my sisters-in-law this summer for $10 on Zulily and was all proud of myself for getting them half-off, but I just saw them last week at Homegoods for $7!  So much for advance planning!  They don't seem to have any more, but you can find other graphic design home accessories at Macbeth Collection.

Calendar Art:  This Stendig calendar is always a conversation piece in our house.  Not so great for writing on, but good for looking at.  I use color coded stickers with times and places to keep track of events.

I also can't get enough of this Northface supersoft fleece.  My kids are addicted and so am I.  It started with the gloves and this year I'm asking Santa for the jacket:

(Dick's has a coupon for $25 off $100)

Even better is this fuzzy sweater by J.McLaughlin!  I just couldn't copy the picture.

I think part of the reason I became a teacher is because I love paper and pens and all things stationery.  Here's a great place, Dress My Desk

Devora Designs - Magnetic Buletin Boards/Magulletin (Damask) (MAG-02)This is the bulletin board - so cool!

Another new favorite thing is boiled wool felted bags.  Check this one out by Caramia.
Entrelac Felted bag in bright colors

And another thing I found on Etsy...
  I don't know about you, but ever since my pregnancies my favorite thing is a heating pad.  This one is microwavable, made of natural ingredients and can be scented!  Only $20!

Double Layer Knot Dress (Purple)
Perfect dress? I don't know what Kate Middleton is wearing this Thanksgiving, but this is my favorite English place to shop, Boden.   I'm thinking that I don't want to do black this year, but purple is understated enough to be classy and elegant at all the holiday parties this year.  It just might need some chunky beads! 

Head to Zappos for these from Lucky Brand.

Finally, for my husband - a shirt from UnderArmour.  Our kids have more of this stuff than we do.  What I should really get him is stock in the company!

So even though the holidays are not all about gifts, I hope this has been as fun for you as it has been for me.  It's been great shopping with you!  I hope you enjoy your Black Friday, either at the malls or at home. 

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