Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Since this is our first holiday in our new home, I feel a little pressure to make this season special.  We are still learning how to make this house feel like home and give our children the memories for the holidays that they had in our old house.  Well, after worrying and venting last week I have come down with a severe case of Holiday Spirit.  The truth is I love creating, it's really just the time factor that throws everything off.  I found an extra hour of time on Saturday when a friend offered to drive my son home from a birthday party.  I stopped at Produce Junction and I picked up some pears and artichokes and some greenery, all for under $8.  The ivy grows in our yard and the pumpkins were from Halloween.  The real secret here is skewers: they are strong and sturdy hold the fruit in the arrangement. (If you find the fruit starts to slip, you can put a piece of wax under the fruit.)

Since I still wasn't going to make the table runner, I used these rolls of organza ribbon from Joann fabric.  Remember those placemats you made in grammar school?  I just weaved the pieces in and out.

Now our table is set for Thanksgiving!  So then I got the real bug and decided to redo my front door wreath too!

This is our Thanksgiving front door.
Really my true inspiration was a new magazine I found in JoAnn called flower.  You can find all the details on this beautiful creation at the website, including how to drill a stump of wood to hold it all together.  Now that I definitely don't have time for!  Happy Creating!
mantel piece

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