Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going in the closet

After the grand entry the kids usually drop shoes-sweatshirt-backpack-lunchbox-notehome-leavesanddirt right on the hall carpet.  They do not see this as a problem.  However, multiplied x4 means that there are approximately one million things on the floor.  If the fire marshall came, he would declare it uninhabitable. 
I have tried to explain the concept of "TRAFFIC PATTERN" but they don't get it.  So I'm thinking I might be able to reprogram them by locking the front door.  We have 3 back doors, one of which might be more convenient.  So I have a few options for creating an entry/mudroom/catchall space.  One of the troublesome things is where to put winter jackets which we pulled out much earlier than expected this season.  (Are you sure you want to say there's no environmental crisis here?)

Option 1: the new and improved muddy room (with the outdoor furniture moved in for the winter.)
Option 2: the family room back door space:

Option 3: the hall closet:
All pre-makeover, obviously.
I'm off today to find inspiration in the Container Store, then to Goodwill and Restore to make actual purchases.  We'll see what I find!
The only other option here is that I can declare it a "SPIT PIT".  Walking to school the kids consistently and religiously avoid walking or stepping on two squares of pavement that, suburban legend has it, is a spit pit.  My son pushed me out of the way last week, "Watch out mom, that's the spit pit."  It's amazing how this concept works.  The pavement is slightly darker and more cracked than the rest of the sidewalk, but these kids will NOT step foot on it.  So I'm thinking that rather than the hallway, I'll just start referring to the area as the spit pit.  They wouldn't dare step on it, let alone leave their schoolbags-shoes-papers in it!


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