Monday, November 14, 2011

Abundant Apples

In trying to design a family-friendly home, I have poured over magazines, blogs, and books to find help and inspiration.  Last week I picked up two books on Feng Shui, a way to design spaces that allows energy, or chi, to flow and promotes harmonious living.  (I found the books in the 50 cents bin at the library.) 
Here is what I didn't know:  In the feng shui kitchen food is visible and accessible, signifying abundance and wealth.  According to feng shui fresh food is potential nourishment.  I couldn't resist photographing these apples that we picked up from a farmer's market.  The woman told me they had come from Lancaster county and they look like the kind of old, imperfect apples you'd never find in Wegmans, with brown mottled spots and natural red color.  No wax.  Just looking at them makes me feel nourished.
One of my favorite things this time of year is the cornucopia, the harvest.  I am going to be sure to keep fresh food out where we can appreciate the abundance we have.

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