Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's the mud?

The 'gardens' here had been neglected for quite some time.   We had to have the tree company remove an old dead pine and some two-feet high roots bulging out of the ground.  A neighbor told me that the previous owner had loved his roots.  Sorry, but they weren't part of our family-friendly vision for the house, so out they went.  While we waited all summer for the right season to install sod, we had a muddy pit in our yard. 
Finally, we now have a green, green, field of dreams. And yesterday, I finally got around to doing what I had wanted to do all weekend, plant spring bulbs, and I did it just in time because this morning there is a soft rain falling.  I planted tulips, allium, and grape hyacinth, and am hoping that they come up beautiful and lush come spring!

The other night my husband put his industrial strength spotlight on the lawn and we all played football til well after dark (and bedtime)!
No more mud outside, but this is what we call the MUDDY room!  Don't know when it will look like a Martha Stewart mudroom, maybe when the kids do leave the house for good, but for now I just close the door and ignore!  It's on my list...

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