Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Before paint

So this was our living room the day we moved in.  Lots of potential, right?  We didn't know where to begin, but things gradually took shape.  A couch, a piano, a rug.  A lamp, a table, a chair.  Things have flowed in and out of this room as we try to reorganize our belongings to fit the house, but the paint color was a major point of interest.  That was one thing that would remain.
We spent almost two weekends at Sherwin Williams trying to find the right color.  My goal was 'peacock blue.'  Fairly simple, right?  Not really.  Anyone who has ever tried to match paint color to an idea for a paint color knows the process is overwhelming.  So we tried to adjust the color by adding more tints.  Finally the paint-mixer said to me, "We cannot go any further with this paint.  It is at its capacity."  Who knew?  They can only add so much color saturation before it becomes... well, saturated.  (literally filled to the brim!) 
This is what we started with:
SW6776 Blue Nile  BLUE NILE
 So, we started again.  A different base color.  Now we have what I had envisioned. 
SW6517 Regatta  REGATTA   
Only, that was not the end of the blue story.  This is the really ironic part.  One day, shortly after we painted, a neighbor brought us some blueberries and I invited her in to see the house.  Well, when she walked in, her jaw dropped.  I thought to myself, oh no, we've ruined what had been a beautiful room!  No, that wasn't it at all.  The room had been the same shade of blue!   All along I thought I had this wonderful idea for a paint color for the room, but really the room was speaking to me.  So here it is, our accent wall:

These are a few things I learned about paint color shopping: 
  • Bring a color swatch with you from fabric or a magazine to compare
  • Look at the paint stores samples in outside daylight because not many people have flourescent lights in their living rooms
  • Ask yourself, "Is this green?  Is this purple?  Is this blue?"
  • Don't be afraid to play, it's grownup art class
  • Find a coupon or sale so you can afford to play

We couldn't be happier with the room color.  The fabric we found to match works really well but I am still playing with another contrasting fabric.  It all depends on the furniture we actually choose to stay in the room.   I think I will just let the room speak to me...

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