Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There is a children's book that I read to all my students called Frederick, by Leo Lionni.  It is the tale of a mouse who does not seem to be preparing for winter like all his other mice friends and it becomes rather frustrating for them.  However, just when the winter has gotten to its worst point, when the bitter winds blow, and the food is almost gone, and summer is a distant memory, Frederick shares his supplies, the words and poetry and COLORS he has collected while basking in the sun.  I love this story.  Well, just when we need it most we have Pantone, who is sharing with us the color of the year and this year's color is... Emerald Green.  Ireland, here I come!
So I've begun a collection of color:
 LG Trend Alert: Kelly Green #laylagrayce #lgblog #trend

Kelly Green. by cora

I want to sit here every winter day!

Kelly green door

What a wonderful way to welcome winter.

The funny thing is that I was talking to JJ about high school anxiety (he'll be a freshman next year, or this year!) and I told him the story of what a nerd I was on the first day of high school.  Our uniforms hadn't come in yet, so we were allowed to wear our own clothes.  I chose to wear a Kelly green skirt. This is in the age of Madonna, who did not wear anything Kelly green and neither did any of the other 270 girls in my freshman class.   Think Jersey Shore circa 1980.  I stuck out like a Green-Preppy-monster loser!  But hey, here it is the color of the year!  Maybe I was ahead of my time.  In the long run it was ok, I was voted Most Preppy senior year and proud of it! 

So I've been dreaming all night of how I can use green in my house.  Like Frederick it reminds me of summer.  The blue of the sea and sky, the green of the grass, the gray of the mountains, the pink of the sunset.  That would be a great decorating motif.  I'm going to be busy when I get home collecting all things green and gathering them in little vignettes around the house.  I may add pink too, just for fun!  So, here's to Kelly Green and High School and being Preppy! And the color of the year.  Hello 2013 and Green.

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