Thursday, February 2, 2012

Full Disclosure

Last week my seventh grader had a science project to do.  He completed the project on aerodynamics and wrote the report.  But the real work was not included in the report.  The original experiment called for an industrial-size fan, which my son assured me he could replicate.  Well, not quite.  He tried a fan, then two, then three.  Then he tried a blow dryer.  Nothing.  Then somehow he came up with the idea of a leaf blower.  And it worked.  But the trial and error part, the real work that took a full weekend, never made it into the report.  There was just one simple word in the material list and one simple line in the procedures, "Turn on leaf blower."
So here's my full disclosure.  I hung a reused light in the kitchen, which I loved.  Then I came home one night to find this:
The lights had actually melted the holders!   Thank goodness nothing worse happened.  The bulbs I used were too high a wattage.  So I went to the hardware store and bought replacements.  Cool, huh, that they have candle sleeves for chandeliers at the hardware store.

Out with the old:

And in with the new:

Now our new old light works again!  Full disclosure.  No matter how simple it may look on the outside, nothing is ever easy.  The grace lies in making it look that way.

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