Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kitchen Make-under?

Ironically last year at this exact time I posted "Kitchen Corner Office."  This year I've updated it again.  After the debacle with the contact paper in Annie's room, you would think I would never use it again.  But I decided to take on a small project in the kitchen.  This time it was about removing contact paper.  How hard could it be?  Well, did you know that when you pull off the contact paper and all that is behind it is linoleum wallboard, the wall board will actually pull away from the WALL?  It was a little crazy, so I had to slowly peeeeelll the paper as gently as possible and this was between the counter top and the bottom of the cabinets.  And once you start the process, you just can't stop.  You can't.  Not easy.
Here is the before:

I think I'm taking that poem down one of these days too.  Too many people just really don't like it!
So a close up of the before:

And after:
I added a lamp.  I put contact paper inside the shelf box.
(I really need to paint under the cabinets - those look BAD!)

Now, instead of spices... and sugar and salt which I'm trying to eat less,
I placed a Christmas present Vera Bradley recipe book.  It's perfect for holding the recipe you are baking!

So now we have white linoleum backsplash and a cleaner look to the kitchen.  And a candle always makes things look and feel better too!  The Make-Under!  Kind of like a good make-up remover, softer and smoother looking.

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