Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Love

My new love in decorating is Barclay Butera.  I came across one of his books at a bookstore in Yardley last spring and I keep looking his stuff up on Pinterest.  I may need a twelve step program to get me off there.  It's really bad.   Anyway, Barclay's signature designs include lots of blue, lots of beach, lots of burlap, and he's not afraid to mix everything together.  Also lots of pillows that are plumpily fluffed, or fluffily plumped. 

I just love this room!  I wish!  So simple, so lived in, yet so elegant.  I'm not spending any money, but he gave me lots of ideas.  (It makes it sound like I had lunch with him, which I didn't.  But if I'd known he was there when we were in California, I would've made my husband take me to his store!)  What I did learn is that I want to accentuate with pillows a bit more.
Here is what I did on my bed:
Plain old pillow...

Two ribbons...

(I learned how to tie this from Runner's World...)
Make an N

Cross over like a pretzel...

Pull pretzel legs through...
(Have to trim the ends in this picture)

It works perfectly everytime!
And I have a new look to the bed for the Fall!
Thanks, Barclay!

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