Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bedroom In Between

So, this is our master bedroom.  Pretty bland and boring.  I love my bed, which we bought about 8 years ago from a catalog.  But the old shams and blanket just weren't what I envisioned for our master retreat.  The old wreath too.... it's gotta go.  So we began with a paint color.  I'm all about free paint and Ace Hardware had free quarts of paint on Saturdays during the month of March.  I thought I would only need one because I was only painting the wall behind the bed, but I add to go back the following weekend.  If you remember the rest of the room is wallpapered and we are not into self-torture trying to get it all removed.  So we're working within our limits.  Painting one wall.

I found this lovely color at the paint store that coordinates with the wallpaper and the window treatments but isn't too dated.  (Or so I thought...)  It's a pale aqua blue called Crystal Lake, ironic because that's the name of a lake near us. 

This is also my new system of keeping track of the paint colors we are using.  Just use the paint stick and let it dry.  Then write in sharpie marker to identify the color, the room and the store or brand of paint used.  Maybe I'll add the year too now that I think about it.  I will eventually hang these on a hook in the basement so I'll have a little paint palette of colors we used in the house.

This is the new paint color.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  I think this might be the perfect color for just about any room in the house.   It would be great in a kids room with bright accents, a bathroom with lots of silvery fixtures, a kitchen with blue and green, and a living room with grey tones. 

So you can't really tell, but the pillow in the center is a small check that has the same color blue.  The pictures I had collected over the years and I hung our wedding invitation on one side and our wedding picture on the other side.  (And there's that big ugly fan again!)

I was inspired to make the bed this way after looking for hotel rooms online.  The old beds have bedspreads that cover the whole bed, but breaking it up with a blanket at the foot of the bed adds dimension and texture.  So I copied, with a soft white blanket and the old blanket folded at the bottom of the bed. 
It's not done yet... I actually ordered a new duvet cover and shams which should arrive any day from West Elm.  There are mirrors going up on the closet doors and you'd never believe what happened when we took the old mirror off the inside of the closet door -  the SAME PAINT COLOR!  I'm not kidding.  This has happened twice in this new house and it's a little bit haunting.  As soon as I saw the color I dropped the screwdriver.  Isn't that odd?  I suppose not really odd because whoever painted obviously had the wallpaper to match and so we didn't have much choice.  I just thought I was picking a color that was new, but what's old is new again I guess.   More to come!

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