Monday, March 19, 2012

More Springspiration!

Yesterday, besides being just beautiful weather-wise, was a spring-spiring day!  We took bikes to the Delaware Canal State Park and rode through some beautiful nature/history/houses - all my faves!  That and family time and physical activity made it a picture perfect excursion.  It made me want to garden and get out all the rakes and shovels and get busy.  And then get out the paints and ladders, and maybe build a little shack out back, and maybe a stone wall and then maybe a horse farm and small canal....  Just kidding!
This was the view from Sunday:
This low bridge reminded me of a song we sang in elementary school, "On the Erie Canal," except that I never knew what they meant when we sang, "Low down on the Erie Canal."  Now I know - gives new meaning to 'prior knowledge.'

There were beautiful yellow buttercups at the end of this stone staircase - what a pretty spot.

Old houses on the canal.

A Parade of Daffodils!

Love the old stone home with random additions and the lush green bushes that make it look new.

Old log house and garden path.

This house makes me want to take my shutters down and put up a white stockade fence! 

The kids were real marathoners on our 10 15 mile ride!  (Daddy had prepared us for a little less, but no one complained. :)  I was worried about Charlie, but of course he regularly rides about 8 miles in front of our house each day!)

This was another family we met.

And this house makes me want to paint the trim dark, dark, blue!  Very Bostonian looking!
I actually did do some work on the house this weekend adding the tweaking touches to our new hallway.  The Big Reveal on Wednesday!

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